6 thoughts on “The Japanese definition of the word drama.

    • Hello, thank you for your comment. Gender bias is very prevalent in Japan, unfortunately. Aside from that,it appears to me that women seem to be used to it and even view porn as a validation of a man’s sexuality.

      • Wow. I didn’t know this. Does this random practice of sexualizing women’s bodies so readily, have a social effect among men and women as it applies to dating? The casual use of porn in the US has it’s effect on sexuality and dating here IMO. I would like to know more about this in Japan, so I will be following your blog and will see if I can obtain any reading material about this.

      • In Asia, in general, I think sexism is very prevalent in more ways than one. Objectifying women seem to be of least concern to Japanese women, as I observe, there seems to be effort on women’s part to fight the status quo. A high ranking politician once called women “birthing machines” and while people became enraged, there hasn’t been much changes in the Japanese society, since, I don’t know, 1950s. Also, they say that rape cases is low, but that is questionable at best because of the Japanese law’s definition of rape and gender bias of laws.So how does porn affect sexuality and dating in the US? I once read a study that said porn had no direct correlation to sexual violence. But, I also read somewhere (don’t know if it’s true) that 1 out of 3 American women will get raped at least once in their lifetime. (Whether this has something to do with porn, I have no idea)

      • Hmm. Here in the United States too, but so much of it is denied and tucked under the assumption that we are all just being ‘liberated.’

        Wow, no changes since the 1950s? Whoa. So, not too many women politicians or CEOs then? What is Japanese law’s definition of rape? Yes, I’ve read the study on porn’s relation to sexual violence, but also heard accounts of serial killers of women who claimed they viewed alot of pornography.

        I also know this is having such a huge social effect, with men who are common users of porn, sexual profile becoming less intergrated or inclined toward actual women. They are increasingly wanting women to perform play back or not being able to perform at all (ED). You read this on all the forum boards, even on Youtube. But many of us of a certain age group are encountering the problems live.

        The rape statistic, I don’t doubt. And I am not sure where or how rape factors in, I don’t remember the answers I’ve seen concerning rape. Something I should look up!

      • Unfortunately, nothing much has changed in the Japanese society with fixed gender roles. The gender gap stats rank countries with Japan at 101st, US at 22nd and Philippines at 9th place. The executive roles women occupy are at 1.6%, and now the lower house has only 8% women politicians (Japan ranked 113th out of 190 countries regarding the ratio of female representatives in the lower house) To be honest, women seem to be too lazy to fight for themselves – I don’t see much changes going on anytime soon.

        The definition of rape in Japan is “limited to vaginal penetration by a penis, therefore excluding forced oral and anal penetration and penetration by any other object, as well as rape of men.” They also look for signs of violence, which is pretty outdated to me. Women groups estimate the actual number much higher than those reported by police. From experience though, I think Japan is still pretty safe for women, although there were 2 high profile murders of western women.I’m sure there are more non western women killed in Japan with less publicity, but it seems to me like the sex crimes (and whether or not they are caused by porn) are avoidable. The most immediate concern seems to be the pressure for women to conform/succumb to the ideas of men. You know, instead of fighting it, they seem to make it their mission. They talk in high-pitched tones to please the men, they promote the sort of “idol” groups featuring young girls that look twelve but dress skimpily. I mean, look at this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkHlnWFnA0c But I guess, in a country where women don’t have much going on for them, it’s better to be object than to be ignored.

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