5 thoughts on “Japan and Suicide

    • Hi. I watched your video. It’s great. But what inspired you to make such film? I agree- it’s hard to guess what someone is thinking or feeling from the surface. Unfortunately, people are just to busy to care. And jumping on the train track to cause thousands of people’s delay, it’s like the person who committed suicide is saying, “Time has stopped for me now. and so should for you!”

      • I’m glad you watched it. Thank-you for the compliment.

        Im 2008/9 I had a many things happen in my life that made me feel really out of control emotionally. I began sinking into deep depressive moments. But it was sad to realize just how disconnected we are as a society, how people around us can be going through the worst situations and we can be sitting right next to them speaking of Holiday in the Bahamas. I thought this was important to make because I know depression causes many people to take their lives, but I feel society (from friends, to family, to acquaintances even) can impact this if we stay tuned into one another. And respond when we think a person is seeming to fail at psychological presence (something deep depression impacts).

        So as a filmmaker I wanted to turn people’s eye to what could happen, while we are trying to go about are regular day and speak about why this might come about (just 1 reason). In NY there are alot of delays on the train too, but half of the time we are not told someone jumped in the tracks. Instead I know this because of a friend who works for the MTA.

        So the film is a small attempt to just shake people awake to others around them, so that we can be more proactive (yet acting with care).

        As far as what jumpers think, perhaps, but everyone is not the same and we cannot ask, so I guess we will never know…?

      • It’s really sad that suicide is happening everywhere. In Japan, there are some efforts by the train operators to discourage suicide by fining family members (although I guess you wouldn’t care anymore for trivial things such as money if you were suicidal ) and installing these special blue lights that ” they hope will have a soothing effect and reduce suicides”

        While I feel sad, I also agree, contradictorily, to what Hunter Thompson said :

        “I would feel real trapped in this life if I didn’t know I could commit suicide at any time.”

        It is empowering to think that every second I breathe is a form of a choice, not a default; and that when I decide it, I can end it now. So yes, probably, to some extent, I agree with the people who claim that this life is ours to take – or to live.People are merely exercising their choice : to be or not to be. But what is the point of taking it, when it is, every second, heading to your demise anyway? It’s not like you can escape it.

        Your intention is noble, and I do hope efforts will be made to stop this (imagine, three people killing themselves every hour in Japan!) but external help, you me, can only go so far. In reality, I wonder how much people like us can do. In Paris, I jumped on the train as it was about to close and the lady behind me got her face stuck between the closing doors. I found myself to stunned to do anything, Like, omg what if the train starts moving? My brain is working, thinking I should do something, but I was paralyzed watching the scene unfold before me. Fortunately for the lady , other people reacted faster and started prying the doors open..

      • I think you are right about us moving toward our demise anyway so there is sort of no point of taking your life. It’s going anyway, eventually, one way or another.

        And confronting death can be shocking so some people still will not act, however when you know someone that may be easier, and some may be prompted with strangers, moving around the popular narratives everywhere of minding your own business or staying save. It is devastating and affecting to see someone die before your eyes either accidently or intentionally. It can disrupt your psyche and then your life in ways that some never regain.

        So I feel it is a worthy endeavor for those around to act if they pre-determine what may happen?

        I know most Nykers just simply don’t want to get involved, we all watch and watch one another sort of like in Mask. Seen this kind of reaction, probably too many times to things we all should have a response to. Even myself am reluctant to get involved in certain things, but I believe there is a time.

        As for Hunter S, he ended up blowing his head off so I suppose he felt strong that that was a route to take.

        Three people killing themselves every hour? Wow.

        I feel like mental health is something that needs to be explored much more in the cases of suicide and intentional homicide. Unfortunately most governments talk around the issues and society is minimally aware how to recognize it and why it’s important to address when looming.

        The calming lights is an idea, but they probably need to delve deeper as our government’s response needs to, to random gun violence.

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